Fresh Chinese Healthy Food Chestnut


Introduction of Fresh Chinese Healthy Food Chestnut


Chestnut is considered both a nut and a fruit. Chestnuts have a mildly sweet taste and can easily be added to a variety of different dishes. Raw chestnuts have a very hard, crunchy texture that gets softer after being cooked or roasted.


Chestnuts have the following benefits:

Improves Digestion,chestnuts could help promote better digestion because of the probiotics.

Additionally, chestnuts are high in fiber. Dietary fiber resists digestion as it passes through the gastrointestinal tract, which aids in the movement of foods through your digestive tract. Fiber can also alleviate constipation, promote satiety, stabilize blood sugar and help nourish the beneficial bacteria found in your gut.

In addition to supplying a hefty chunk of vitamins and minerals, chestnuts also boast a good amount of antioxidants as well,which can reduce inflammation and improve heart health.


Parameter of Fresh Chinese Healthy Food Chestnut

Product Name

Chinese chestnut


40-50,40-55, 40-60, 60-80,80-100,100-130 grains/kg

Place of Origin



good taste,bright color, smooth surface, easily peeled, no rotten insect.

Supplying Time

all year round

Perserve Degree



gunny bag or according to customer's demand

Delivery Time

within 7 days after order

Supply capacity

10000 tons

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