• Difference Between Ginger And Dried Ginger
    (1)Fresh GingerFresh ginger has unique effects in three aspects: antipyretic, anti-vomiting and detoxification. Therefore, in clinical practice, ginger is mainly used to treat colds, headaches, nasal congestion, fever and cough caused by wind and cold. As well as stomach cold vom
  • Surprising Benefits of Water Chestnuts
    Water chestnuts are full of nutrients. A 3.5-ounce (100-gram) serving of raw water chestnuts provides :Calories: 97Fat: 0.1 gramsCarbs: 23.9 gramsFiber: 3 gramsProtein: 2 gramsPotassium: 17% of the RDIManganese: 17% of the RDICopper: 16% of
  • Floating Water Chestnut
    Water chestnut is a rooted, floating plant that invades shallow to deep, fresh water habitats. Water chestnut can grow in 3.6-4.6 metres of water and forms dense, floating mats, often three layers deep. Water chestnut is rich in starch, protein, glucose, unsaturated fatty ac
  • Chestnut Benefits for the Brain, Bones, Heart and More
    Chestnuts have a mildly sweet taste and can easily be added to a variety of different dishes. Raw chestnuts have a very hard, crunchy texture that gets softer after being cooked or roasted.Chestnut Benefits1. Improves Digestion2. Contains Antioxidants3. Protects Your Heart4. Prom
  • What is Pomelo Good For?
    Pomelos go by a variety of names, such as pamplemousse, pumelo (or pummelo) and shaddock. It is sometimes confused with the grapefruit because of their similarities, although pomelo is technically the “father” of the grapefruit, as the grapefruit is a hybrid of the

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