• 5kg Mesh Bag Chestnut Export to Jordan
    September 18th, a batch of new crop fresh chestnuts from Jining Rich Farmer was accepted completed , and sent to Qingdao Port.The chestnut delivered by our company has a large skin, bright color, delicate flesh, unique flavor and high nutritional content, which is favored by cons
  • Difference Between Ginger And Dried Ginger
    (1)Fresh GingerFresh ginger has unique effects in three aspects: antipyretic, anti-vomiting and detoxification. Therefore, in clinical practice, ginger is mainly used to treat colds, headaches, nasal congestion, fever and cough caused by wind and cold. As well as stomach cold vom
  • 150g Air Dried Ginger Export to Europe
    150g 5kg-packed dried ginger was inspected from Jining Rich Farmer, and sent to Qingdao Port.
  • Fresh Peeled Onion Export to Israel
    September 6th, a batch of peeled onions of Jining Rich Farmer passed the inspection and shipped to Qingdao Port for shipment to Israel.The peeled onion is bright in color, rich in gravy and good in taste, and is very popular among foreign customers. The Israeli merchants who purc
  • 10kg Mesh Bag Pure White Garlic Export to Albania
    5.5cm pure white garlic was inspected completed by Jining Rich Farmer, and sent to Qingdao Port, then shipped to Albania.

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