2018 China (Jinxiang) International Garlic Festival Kicked Off

On June 23th, the 2018 China (Jinxiang) International Garlic Festival, hosted by the China Vegetable Circulation Association and the Jining Municipal People's Government, and the Jinxiang County People's Government and the Jinxiang County Garlic Association, opened in Jinxiang County, Shandong Province. Relevant national ministries, associations, provincial and municipal leaders, experts and scholars in garlic-related fields, the county's leaders of garlic producing areas, domestic and foreign garlic distributors, e-commerce platform leaders and news media reporters attended the event.

2018 China (Jinxiang) International Garlic Festival Kicked Off

2018 China (Jinxiang) International Garlic Festival took "Science, Technology, Innovation, Development, and Sharing" as the theme, and took the "new and old kinetic energy conversion" as the starting point, highlighting the leading role of "scientific and technologically stimulating garlic", aiming to promote Jinxiang garlic science. Innovative development, expand the influence of Jinxiang Garlic at home and abroad, consolidate the dominance of “Jinxiang Garlic”in the international market, and realize rural revitalization.

At the opening ceremony, Jinxiang County and China's 13 other major garlic producing areas passed the declaration of the first government cooperation meeting of the main garlic producing areas, determined to take more effective and sustained joint actions to realize the sharing of garlic resources in China, and build and operate garlic information public service platform, enhances the global competitiveness and international voice of Chinese garlic. Alibaba Group signed a framework agreement with the Jinxiang County People's Government, and the Jinxiang County People's Government and the Chilean city of Coltauco formed a sister city.

2018 China (Jinxiang) International Garlic Festival Kicked Off

"World garlic looks at China, Chinese garlic looks at Jinxiang." The economy of Jinxiang is strong due to garlic. The people are rich in garlic. The garlic industry is the only one in the world. Jinxiang has planted more than 600,000 mu of garlic all the year round, driving more than 2 million mu of surrounding planting areas, and the garlic refrigeration capacity is 2.3 million tons, 700 garlic storage and processing enterprises, the products are exported to more than 170 countries and regions, and the export volume accounts for more than 70% of the national export volume, forming a development pattern of the whole industry chain. It is a veritable world of garlic cultivation, storage and processing, trade circulation, information release and Prices form five centers. Jinxiang Garlic has won the honorary titles of China's well-known trademarks, national famous special new agricultural products and EU geographical indication certification, and won the Gold Medal of International Organic Food Expo for six consecutive years. The brand value is over 20 billion yuan.

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