Difference Between Ginger And Dried Ginger


(1)Fresh Ginger

Fresh ginger has unique effects in three aspects: antipyretic, anti-vomiting and detoxification. Therefore, in clinical practice, ginger is mainly used to treat colds, headaches, nasal congestion, fever and cough caused by wind and cold. As well as stomach cold vomiting, fish and crab poison. Fresh ginger can be eaten directly. For example, using 30 grams of fresh ginger and boiled water with brown sugar, hot drink can cure cold, cold, headache, nasal congestion, menstrual abdominal pain; while drinking fresh ginger juice can cure stomach cold vomiting, cough, etc., eat fish and crab when added Some ginger and vinegar can prevent the poison of fish and crab.

ginger (2).jpg

(2)Dry Ginger

Dried ginger has a unique effect in warming the stomach and passing the veins. Therefore, it is mainly used in the treatment of spleen and stomach deficiency, yang deficiency, coldness of hands and feet and cough and asthma. Dried ginger can not be eaten directly, often fried soup with other Chinese medicines.


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