Carrot Nutritional Value


The social status of carrots before World War II was not high, because everyone laughed that this was for the sake of eating, and later consumed a lot of British soldiers to improve their night vision ability.

Carrot Nutritional Value

Carrots contain carotene, multivitamins, lignin, niacin, protein, fat, sugar, and also contain calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals. There are eight kinds of amino acids that the human body needs. There are five kinds of carrots, especially the highest lysine content. Scientific research shows that about 95% of the vitamin A needed by the human body is synthesized from plant foods. If the carrots are seasoned with the pork liver soup, they can supplement the deficiency of vitamin A. Carrots can be eaten raw or cooked, but experiments have confirmed that stews can preserve carotene 93%, fried foods retain 80%, raw food or cold salad can only save 10%, so edible carrots should be cooked. Can cook a variety of dishes.

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