Ginger Price Boosts Planting Enthusiasm


"The price of ginger this year is very high, mainly due to natural disasters such as heavy rainfall in the main producing areas in 2018, resulting in a decline in total ginger production. In addition, too much rain also affects the quality of ginger. Therefore, the price of quality ginger is higher than normal, and the export price also rises. Higher prices have spurred farmers to produce more ginger for the next season, and production is expected to increase next year. In Europe, they also import Peruvian ginger, but their production is really small compared to China, so this does not constitute competition for us." David Lee, general manager of Jining Rich Farmer International Trade Co., Ltd, said in an interview.

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“We export ginger to Europe, the United States and the Middle East. In the export to the United States, many products are subject to high tariffs due to the tariff war between China and the United States, but the high tariffs on ginger are not obvious. The reason is probably because ginger is the basic raw material for American cooking, and many people need it, so the government will not impose higher tariffs on this product.”

"Our ginger packaging are PVC box and carton box, with specifications of 30 lbs, 5 kg, 10 kg, 13 kg, etc. Among them, the most popular ones in Europe are 5 kg and 13 kg."

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