Medicinal Value of Ginger:Effect on the Digestive System

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Effect on the Digestive System

Ginger is an effective drug for the treatment of hydrochloric acid-alcoholic ulcer. Its active ingredient is gingerene, which has the function of protecting gastric mucosal cells.  In the aromatic stomach medicine, especially the ginger family, it contains many essential oils such as zingiberene, which is one of the active ingredients of Jianwei crude medicine.

Ginger can weaken the action of pepsin and enhance the action of lipolytic enzymes. Ginger can seriously destroy the amylase in the pancreatic enzyme, so that the digestion of the trypsin on the starch is significantly reduced. It also inhibits the beta-amylase in amylase and hinders starch saccharification.

Ginger can act on the sympathetic and vagal nervous system, inhibiting gastric function and directly exciting the smooth muscle of the stomach.


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