Garlic Price Continues To Rise After Chinese Spring Festival

The price of garlic this year has not been the downturn of the previous two years, even after the Spring Festival, it has ushered in the continued rise in prices. At present, Yunnan new garlic has started to be listed, and will be listed in large quantities in March. According to monitoring, after the Spring Festival in 2019, the national garlic production price trend showed an upward trend. Take purple garlic as an example. On February 20th, the price has risen to 2.7 yuan / kg, compared with 2 yuan / kg before the Spring Festival, the increase is more than 30%.


After the Spring Festival, the domestic and international garlic procurement market ushered in the first round of purchase and stocking. Proactive procurement, coupled with the market's use of 2018 garlic planting area to reduce the favorable factors, have sold at a very high price, becoming the main reason for the sharp rise in garlic prices.

At present, Yunnan New Garlic has started to be listed one after another, and will be listed in large quantities in March. The garlic in Henan will also be listed in large quantities at the end of April, followed by the large-scale listing of garlic in Shandong in late May. Under the influence of the high stock of garlic and the new listing of new garlic, it is expected that the price of garlic will decline steadily in the future, but it does not rule out that some high-quality garlic sources have increased in the case of reduced inventory.

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