Slightly Lower of The Total Yield Of Carrots

This year, the total planting area of Shandong carrots increased slightly compared with the same period last year. However, due to the extreme weather, the total carrot production this year is slightly lower. The reason is mainly because the price of carrots last year was generally high, resulting in the end of the market and even out of stock.

From the price point of view, the price of carrots fluctuates greatly. This aspect is due to the fact that as a vegetable, the price of carrots is affected by the balance of supply and demand in the market. On the other hand, it is also affected by the market volume and price fluctuation of other vegetables. The new round of Shandong carrots production season will start in May. Now, we receive a large number of reservations from customers every day. Obviously, the carrots market demand is very strong.

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fresh carrot: size S M L

It is understood that there are obvious differences in preferences in the international market, depending on the demand characteristics of each market. For example, Dubai prefers the smallest size of carrots, Thailand prefers medium size and good quality. Vietnam prefers cheaper prices and slightly smaller specifications. If Korea requires larger specifications, Japan prefers larger and cheaper specifications.

Jining Rich Farmer International Trade Co., Ltd as a company integrating industry and trade, in addition to carrots, we also sell fresh garlic, ginger, apples, lychee and other fruits and vegetables. In the future, while stabilizing the development of existing markets, we hope to further expand overseas regions.

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