Why Is The Surface Of The Carrot Pulled Out Of The Mud Very Smooth?

Carrots are the vegetables that we are all familiar with. Now with the development of planting techniques, we can eat carrots all the year round. The texture of carrots is very hard. It needs to be cooked in a fire to soften the carrots. The taste is also very good, especially sweet, if you put some water, it tastes very sweet. Single fried carrot or used to fry meat, scrambled eggs, bacon, etc. are very good match, and a lot of people compare Like the dishes.

I don't know if you have found such a phenomenon. When we buy carrots now, we will find that there are obvious differences in the size of the carrots. They are also different varieties, but the taste is still similar. However, many large carrots seem to sell better, because the whole is red, and the surface is very shiny, and the hand is particularly smooth. It is reasonable to say that the carrot is pulled out of the mud, why is it so smooth? ? Why is the carrot pulled out of the mud, the surface will be particularly smooth, is it waxed outside?

carrot (53).jpg

In fact, the reason why carrots are so smooth is mainly because there is a special high-pressure cleaning water gun, which can easily clean the mud on the carrots. Therefore, compared with the past, it is convenient and quick to wash by hand, and the efficiency is high and the cleaning is cleaner. There is no mud on the surface of the carrots, and there are many fruits and vegetables that contain certain fruit wax components. Especially the surface of the cherry that we are familiar with has a lot of fruit wax, the natural is very smooth and has a protective effect, while some of the carrots are released. When you come out, it will also cause the surface to become very smooth, so there is no need to worry that such carrots may have adverse effects on the body. No problem for your eating.

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