Shandong Jinxiang Garlic Market Trend

Recently, garlic prices have shown a slow upward trend last week, and the price of fresh garlic has declined slightly. The listing of early-maturing garlic in Henan has made the domestic consumer market diversified. Fresh garlic is not the only choice, but early-maturing garlic is not completely replaced by fresh garlic. Fresh garlic, now is the cross-listing period, the volume of fresh garlic in some domestic markets is greater than the volume of fresh garlic, fresh garlic will gradually replace fresh garlic, sales of fresh garlic will further decline.


The reason:

1: The supply of garlic market has decreased, the enthusiasm of the sellers for sale is not high, the purchasers are actively purchasing, and the export purchases are enlarged, but the domestic purchases are decreasing.

2: The export of Indonesian garlic contract last week, the purchase volume increased, the stockists and speculators took the opportunity to support the price, the buyer passively accepted the current price, the purchase was positive, and the transaction volume was enlarged.

3: Henan early-ripening garlic was listed in large quantities, and the market volume gradually increased. The price of early-maturing garlic fell all the way, and the sales pressure and psychological pressure of the storage companies increased. There are still more than 10 days to go from Jinxiang's late-wheat garlic market, and the storage time of the store is not much. However, some of the buyers went to Henan to purchase the early-ripening garlic and then went to Jinxiang to dry the sun and processed it in the domestic market.

4: Jinxiang early-ripening garlic began to be listed in small quantities. Late-wheat garlic is expected to be launched on May 16-20. Now it is the late-listing period of late-wheat garlic. The garlic farmers are busy with convulsions. Domestic processing and export processing personnel are not easy to find. Fees began to rise and processing costs rose.

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