• 44LBS Mesh Bag Packing Fresh Taro Export to North America
    January 3rd, a freezer of the American-quality fresh taro of Jining Rich Farmer was qualified and shipped to North America.Fresh taro of Jining Rich Farmer has soft and sweet taste, the nutritional value is similar to potatoes, easy to digest, can be steamed or cooked, and loved
  • 55-60mm 1kg mesh bag pure white garlic export to East Asia
    Dec. 4th,  Jining Rich Farmer exported a batch of pure white garlic with a high specification of 55-60mm. The merchants of this purchase are from East Asia and have been working with Jining Rich Farmer for three years. The customer is very satisfied with the qualit
  • 10kg Carton M Size Fresh Carrot Export With Best Price
    Nov. 25th,  the freezer carrots of Jining Rich Farmer has passed the inspection and loaded to Qingdao Port.Size: M Packing: 10KG CartonThe carrots of Jining Rich Farmer are bright in color, crisp and delicious, rich in nutrients, rich in sugar, fat, volatile oil, carote
  • 80-150g fresh carrot export to Middle East
    Nov. 16th, a bath of fresh red carrots of Jining Rich Farmer was tested and qualified,  then sent to Qingdao Port and exported to Middle East.size: 80-150gpacking: 5KGS cartonJining Rich Farmer International Trade Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise combining fr
  • 7-9cm Export Quality Red Onions Export to West Asia
    Nov. 8th, a bath of fresh red onions of Jining Rich Farmer was completed and accepted, and then sent to Qingdao Port and exported to West Asia.The red onions with brass to pale red, scales fleshy, soft, finely organized, spicy, thick, oblate, 7 to 9 cm in diameter.Jinin

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