• 2018 New Harvest Fresh Mature Ginger 30LBS Export to Canada
    The fresh ginger shipped by our company is 4-18cm length and 1-3cm thick. The roots are fleshy, hypertrophy, flattened, bright in color, tight in structure, spicy and fragrant, with a small piece of silk. At present, it has been exported to the United States, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and other countries and regions and has been favored.
  • Sweet Fruit Chinese Fresh Litchi Export to USA
    Fresh Sweet Feizixiao fruit is a medium-early-maturing variety of litchi, with large fruit, thick flesh, beautiful color, small nucleus, sweet taste, and excellent quality and flavor. Du Mu, a late Tang poet, had a poem: “One rides on a red dusty grin. No one knows it is litchi.” This type of lychee is known as such.
  • Delicious Fruit Chinese Fresh Lychee Export to USA
    May 14th, high qualified fresh fruit lychees ordered by American merchant was sent to Shenzhen Port. This shipment lychees were freshly removed by the staff, juicy and sweet. Litchi is rich in sugar, protein, vitamins, fats, citric acid, pectin, and phosphorus, iron, etc. It is also a fruit that is beneficial to human health.
  • Chinese New Crop Sweet Fresh Lychee Export to USA
    May 1st, a batch of qualified fresh fruit lychee ordered by American merchant was sent to Shenzhen Port. The USA merchant has ordered fresh fruits from our company many times, such as apple, pear,grape,pomelo, mandarin and etc. and has been very satisfied with the quality and perfect service of our products.
  • Chinese Fresh Red Fuji Apple Export to Greece
    April 23, a batch of qualified fresh red Fuji apple ordered by Greece merchant was sent to Qingdao Port.

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