• 55LBS/Plastic Basket Fresh Chestnut On Sale
    The newly harvested chestnut has bright color, sweet taste and high nutritional value, and is very popular among foreign customers.size: 40-50pcspacking: 55LBS/Plastic Basket 
  • 10kg Mesh Bag Normal White Garlic On Sale
    Normal while garlic, also named as hybrid garlic, purple white garlic. The name comes from the appearance:a few purple stripes on the white skin. Normal white garlic and pure white garlic are the two most common garlic varieties in China, it has no difference with pure white garl
  • 45-55pcs Fresh Chestnuts 5kg Jute Bag Hot Selling
    Castanea mollissima BL. is also known as chestnut. Together with red dates and persimmons, it is called “three big woody foods”. Chestnut is rich in protein, fat, carbohydrate, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, multivitamins and other nutrients. It has the effects of strengthening
  • 4.5cm Normal White Garlic Export to Haiti
    High quality normal white garlic sent to HaitiSize: 4.5cmPacking: 10kg mesh bag
  • 80g Mature Fat Taro Export to USA
    Approaching the factory site, feeling the first scene of our company's goods. This time deliveried goods is 80g taro, which is mainly sold to the US market.The taste of the taro is soft and sweet, and the nutritional value is similar to that of potatoes. It is rich in protein

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