• Demand For Garlic Cloves In The European Market Has Surged In The Past Two Years
    Garlic cloves are peeled garlic cloves obtained after a series of processes such as cutting, peeling, washing and disinfecting. Garlic cloves is crystal clear and has good color and taste. It has been very popular in domestic and foreign markets for many years and also is a good
  • Shandong Jinxiang Market:Garlic Prices Rose Slightly, Transaction Volume Dropped Slightly
    Last week, the export volume of garlic processing exports increased, the stocks were reluctant to sell, and the asking price was rised. The purchasers' purchases were slowed down, the overall price increased slightly, and the transaction volume decreased slightly.The price of
  • Winter Hot Product: Fresh Lotus Root
    Lotus roots are generally dug in the autumn and winter. The crucible is short and thick in cylindrical shape, and the outer skin is smooth. The thickness of the skin is generally gray or grayish white. The holes with different sizes are white, the central part of the sac is swoll
  • "Victory Onion" Medicinal Efficacy
    Onion Plant Culture: Symbolizing VictoryWhen the European medieval army fought, a team of cavalry hurried high in the battle, wearing armor, holding a sword and wearing a "necklace" on the neck. This special "necklace" chest is a round onion. They believe that onions are amulets
  • Carrot Nutritional Value
    The social status of carrots before World War II was not high, because everyone laughed that this was for the sake of eating, and later consumed a lot of British soldiers to improve their night vision ability.Carrot Nutritional ValueCarrots contain carotene, multivitamins, lignin

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