• Lotus Root Prices Fell Sharply
    Recently, after the weather turned fine, the price of vegetables increased and fell. The price of lotus roots, which had a large increase in the previous period, fell sharply, and the drop in lotus roots was 11.82%.Last month, due to the long-term low temperature and rainy climat
  • Shandong Carrot Prices Are Falling Rapidly
    Last week, the price of Shandong carrots dropped sharply. The lowest price has dropped to around 0.50 yuan/kg, and the highest price has dropped from 1.2 yuan/kg to 0.8 yuan/kg. Recently, the decline in carrot prices in Shandong is mainly affected by two factors:First, the invent
  • 50-55mm Pure White Garlic Export Price On The Rise
    March 7th, the price of white garlic exported by Jining Rich Farmer International Trade Co., Ltd to Europe has still increased. The price of purple garlic in the Jinxiang and Henan markets increased universally around 0.3-0.4 yuan [0.05-0.06 USD] per 0.5 kg between Marc
  • Chinese Ginger Export Price To Europe Returns To Reasonable Levels
    The price of Chinese ginger in the European market began to rise between early to mid-February, and this development continued until the end of the month. The price then returned to reasonable levels.Several reasons for this price readjustment. First, the price of fresh ging
  • Garlic Price Continues To Rise After Chinese Spring Festival
    The price of garlic this year has not been the downturn of the previous two years, even after the Spring Festival, it has ushered in the continued rise in prices. At present, Yunnan new garlic has started to be listed, and will be listed in large quantities in March. According to

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