• Fresh Ginger Gradually Enters Chinese Market With Stable Price
    Some fresh ginger production areas have recently begun to supply the Chinese market. This year's overall production volume expanded by 10%-15% in comparison with last year. Some production areas suffered from extreme weather conditions last year, especially excessive rainfall
  • Shandong Jinxiang Garlic Market Trend
    Recently, garlic prices have shown a slow upward trend last week, and the price of fresh garlic has declined slightly. The listing of early-maturing garlic in Henan has made the domestic consumer market diversified. Fresh garlic is not the only choice, but early-maturing garlic i
  • Garlic Price In 2019 Has Doubled From 2018
    With the arrival of spring, the weather is getting warmer and new garlic is entering the market. The price in 2019 is nearly double that of 2018. And will the garlic market in 2019 be like a roller coaster in 2018?According to relevant media reports, in Yunnan, a lot of new garli
  • Chinese Apple Prices Continue To Set New Records
    The Chinese apple production volume declined last year as a result of extreme weather conditions. The volume of Fuji apples currently in storage is quite low. The price reached its highest point in years. The peak period of apple sales was around Chinese Spring Festival [February
  • Air Dried Ginger Exported To North America
    On April 28th, a batch of air-dried ginger containers of Jining Rich Farmer was completed and sent to Qingdao Port.Our company's dried ginger is mainly sent to countries with long distances such as Europe and the United States. Therefore, it is more strictly selected and reso

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