• 5kg Carton Fresh Carrot Export to Kuwait
    a batch of fresh carrots from Jining Rich Farmer were completed acceptance and sent to Kuwait.
  • Surprising Benefits of Water Chestnuts
    Water chestnuts are full of nutrients. A 3.5-ounce (100-gram) serving of raw water chestnuts provides :Calories: 97Fat: 0.1 gramsCarbs: 23.9 gramsFiber: 3 gramsProtein: 2 gramsPotassium: 17% of the RDIManganese: 17% of the RDICopper: 16% of
  • Floating Water Chestnut
    Water chestnut is a rooted, floating plant that invades shallow to deep, fresh water habitats. Water chestnut can grow in 3.6-4.6 metres of water and forms dense, floating mats, often three layers deep. Water chestnut is rich in starch, protein, glucose, unsaturated fatty ac
  • 5.5cm Pure White Garlic Export to Kenya
    On August 13th, a batch of 5.5cm pure white garlic was inspected from Jining Rich Farmer, and sent to Qingdao Port.This purchaser is from Kenya and is a loyal and old customer of our company. They have been very satisfied with the quality and service of our company's agr
  • Chestnut Benefits for the Brain, Bones, Heart and More
    Chestnuts have a mildly sweet taste and can easily be added to a variety of different dishes. Raw chestnuts have a very hard, crunchy texture that gets softer after being cooked or roasted.Chestnut Benefits1. Improves Digestion2. Contains Antioxidants3. Protects Your Heart4. Prom

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