• Vernal Equinox 2018: First Day of Spring
    Happy Spring Equinox and happy first day of spring!The vernal equinox occurs as the sun passes over the equator from Earth's perspective and the Northern Hemisphere begins to tilt toward the sun, leading to longer days in the north and shorter days in the south. It marks the
  • Jining Rich Farmer Export Fresh Ginger for North America
    March 17th, a batch of qualified air dried ginger ordered by North America merchant was sent to Qingdao Port from Jining Rich Farmer factory.The North America merchant has ordered fresh ginger, garlic and other vegetables from our company many times, and has been very satisf
  • China Delicious Bulk Fresh Sweet Lychee 13LB Per Box
    Lychee is one of the fruits mainly been grown in China, Northern Vietnam and other Southwest Asia countries to provide food and cater for industrial purposes. Tropical climate with sunny, humid and rainy weather as well as land feature are the best condition for rapid growth of l
  • China Fresh Red Fuji Apple Export to Greece
    March 8th afternoon,  a batch of qualified fresh red Fuji apple ordered by Greece merchant was sent to Qingdao Port.Health Benefits Of Apples:Aid in DigestionApples, being rich in fiber, help in the digestive process. Regular consumption of apples ensures smooth bowel m
  • China Best Fresh Taro Export For USA Market
    March 7th, a batch of qualified fresh taro ordered by American merchant was sent to Qingdao Port.Taro Benefits: Both the Root and Leaves Can Do Wonders for Your HealthTaro root’s benefits come from its rich source of nutrients, which include magnesium, iron, fiber, potassium

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