• Red Onion, Queen of the Dishes
    Red onion, also known as scallions, onions, jade onions, it is known as the "Queen of the dishes" in foreign countries, the nutritional value is highly. Red onion heads are purple-red, and the scales are slightly reddish, spheroidal or spherical, with a diameter of 8 to 10 cm.Oni
  • 7-9cm Export Quality Red Onions Export to West Asia
    Nov. 8th, a bath of fresh red onions of Jining Rich Farmer was completed and accepted, and then sent to Qingdao Port and exported to West Asia.The red onions with brass to pale red, scales fleshy, soft, finely organized, spicy, thick, oblate, 7 to 9 cm in diameter.Jinin
  • 250g mature fresh ginger hot sale
    Chinese supplier that Jining Rich Farmer International Trade Co. ,Ltd has 4 years trade experience. Recently,  we sent a batch of fresh ginger by Qingdao port.size: 250gpacking: 5KGS Carton
  • Queen of Vegetables: Yellow Onion
    Yellow onion with brass to pale yellow, scales fleshy, yellowish and soft, finely organized, spicy, thick, oblate, 6 to 8 cm in diameter. Onion is known as the “Queen of Vegetables” in foreign countries with its high nutritional value. Onion is reported to be the most preventable
  • 9cm Fresh Yellow Onion Packed in 10kg Net Bag
    Yellow onion has a rich onion taste and is fit for many various food dishes like French onion soup, other soups, stews and braises, sautéed dishes, and shish kebabs. They can become sticky and sweet when caramelized.Product: Fresh Yellow Onion Size:9cmPacking: 10kg net bag

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