• New Year Start With New Project!
    At the beginning of the Year of the Pig, all the employees of Jining Rich Farmer will use their fullest enthusiasm to sail again and move forward. In the new year, we will seize every opportunity, make unremitting efforts, and go all out.
  • High Price Ginger, Low Purchasing Desire
    The total ginger production in 2018 did not fluctuate much from 2017, but the good gingers were much lower than in previous years. This was mainly due to the fact that some of China's main ginger producing areas were affected by floods during the summer, and the quality of so
  • The World's Favorite Country To Eat Garlic
    Everyone should be familiar with garlic. It is a common ingredient in our daily life. Garlic popular used when cooking and braised. Someone also eat garlic directly. After eating garlic, there will be a smell in the mouth. Garlic is a food with very high nutritional value and has
  • Jining Rich Farmer Distributes The Spring Festival Benefits To All Employees
    On the occasion of the Spring Festival in 2019, in order to thank everyone for their hard work for the company's production and operation in the whole year, Jining Rich Farmer gave warmhearted Spring Festival benefits to all employees, expressing the leader's deep love an
  • Large Quantities New Gingers Enter The Market
    The price of ginger has been high this year. At present, large quantities the new ginger has been entered the market, but the price of ginger has not risen. According to data released by China Agricultural Products Information Network, the area of ginger planted across the countr

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